Nikolai Keller

Visual Effects & FIlmproduction

About me

I have always been enthusiastic about moving images. It all started as a hobby with a small camera that I always had with me.
Over time, my interest in the post-production of media productions grew as well. Already in 2018, I independently planned and implemented commercial advertising productions.
In 2019, I started studying audiovisual media at the Stuttgart Media University with the experience I had gained so far. During the course of my studies, I specialized in visual effects (VFX) for films, more specifically compositing.
After finishing my bachelor's degree in spring 2023, I started as a trainee in the compositing department at RISE Visual Effects Studios, where I had the privilege of contributing to major film productions.
This experience allowed me to collaborate with industry professionals and gain insights into the intricacies of large-scale visual effects projects.

Nikolai Keller

B. Eng. (Audiovisual Media)

VFX Portfolio




A short film production by VFX Studioproduktion in the summer semester 2021.
Maria, a chess master and now a prisoner of the Stasi, is challenged by an interrogator to a chess game in order to elicit information about the course of her failed escape attempt. Maria knows much more than she wants to admit. While the truth is being wrestled with, we learn more about the events on the border strip.


Year: 2021

Positionen: Camera Operator, Editing, Compositing Lead & Artist


Whether industry, association, commerce or public institution. With me you get a film tailored to your request, which meets all your expectations.
Convince yourself with this small selection of my portfolio. You can find more of my productions on my YouTube channel:


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